Dear Mr. Molloy:


You cannot compare a Lincoln speech with a modern political speech. If you read the Lincoln Douglas debates, they are not at all geared for short attention spans. Even the Gettysburg address, though short is full of content. Nowadays, political speeches are structured to appeal to low information voters and TV audiences with short attention spans. They consist mostly of applause lines.


Also, I suspect Trump will wear an appropriate tie. The idea that he would turn off people with his tie is pretty ludicrous. I fear you are looking too much at superficial things when it comes to politics. Hillary does not come off well, not because of her clothing choices but because one simply cannot put lipstick on a pig. She is not particularly attractive, intelligent or experienced her only advantage is she has a D after her name.







Dear Trump Supporter:


You’re making the same mistake Donald Trump makes over and over when he calls Hillary Clinton, “Crooked Hillary.” He is making the same mistake that Mayor Koch made when he ran for Governor of New York State. He was one the best mayors the city ever had. When he took office the city was in financial difficulty and when he left the city was in pretty good shape. His performance as mayor convinced him and his friends that he could become governor of the state,


He was defeated not because he was too conservative or too liberal. While he held traditional democratic views he was a pragmatist and if a relatively conservative approach was needed to solve a problem he took that approach. He came as close to middle-of-the-road as a traditional democrat could and as such he should have appealed to a majority of the voters in New York State. However, when he started campaigning he ran like he was running in New York City. I did radio shows in New York City and on national networks. I found out one thing very early in my career, if you have a talk show in New York City your audience expects you to come back hard on anyone who makes an idiotic comment or challenges you without having the facts. A blunt if not a rough answer to an objection was regarded by the New York City electorate as appropriate and by some admirable.  However, the people in upstate New York were shocked and turned off by the same approach.


If I were advising Hillary I would tell her the minute Trump called her “Crooked Hillary” to become indignant and walk off the show. Most people particularly in the Midwest and the South would agree with her reaction. The reason I would give her such advice is Trump needs the debates to win, in fact, I’m sure he and his team are counting on them. If Hillary can avoid debating when she has a substantial lead she wins hands down.


If on the other hand I were advising Trump I would have him apologize for using such language before the debates started. I would have him say something to the effect it was all right in the primaries but a debate for the presidency should have and will have dignity and decorum and he will refer to his opponent as Mrs. Clinton, Hillary or candidate Clinton. That would force Hillary to debate and give him a shot at the presidency since I believe he is a better debater than Hillary and has all sorts of information about Bill and Hillary that he can use to his advantage.


I don’t think Trump will ever find out about my advice or this blog. The reason I say that is the first political candidate I advised never heard of me. The first candidate’s people took me to lunch in a very nice restaurant and pumped me for information. I didn’t mind giving it since I was new in the field and I just wanted publicity. They agreed if my advice was useful and their man won they would give me credit. He won and the team took bows. I know he never heard of it because I had a friend who knew the candidate and when he brought up my name it was obvious the man had never heard it before.


I was going for my Masters at City College when the teacher took three other students and yours truly aside and hinted that if we volunteered to work in a nearby storefront church tutoring children, we would do very well in his class. He never said so but implied if we did not we might not do well, All four of us volunteered and worked for the next four weeks tutoring youngsters twice a week. When the class ended I had four parents ask me if I would continue to work with their children, I agreed if they brought them to the library on 179 street on Saturday mornings; I worked with them there for about eight months because their parent showed up with them on time or ahead of time and shamed me. I had been told by many that black parents didn’t care about their children’s education and I believed it. Obviously, I was wrong.


After that I had them read books I suggested and write summaries of those books. This went on for two years. This experience taught me several things. First, that black children contrary to the belief held by much of the black community are as bright as white children. Second, black parents want the same thing for their children as white parents. Third they will do almost anything to get their children an education, Forth, very little teachings goes on in the black schools. In these schools the children get marks they don’t deserve which fools the parents into thinking they’re doing well.


Knowing that I would advise Trump to promise whether he got the black vote or not, he would work to improve schools in all poor neighborhoods. One of the ways he would do this is to do away with tenure in failing schools. Tenure makes it impossible to fire teachers who do not or cannot teach. Hillary would refuse to make the same promise because it would offend the teachers union which would allow Trump to say she didn’t care about black children. I think that would change the way some black parents voted.


As I stated earlier, I think Hillary will win because Trump will never hear about this blog and if he does as a native New Yorker he will question its validity. I know as a New York City boy, at first I couldn’t believe it, even though I was getting feedback from listeners.




I apologize. I have been telling readers for years before they take advice find out where the writer obtained his information. Yet I wrote this blog without telling you about

my background in the political field. I will do so in a future blog, you might find it interesting. I also apologize for not completely answering the question asked by the reader but I wanted to discuss the election. It was that blog that got the biggest response so from here to November, I will occasionally be writing about how our elections really work.














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