In theory I am running for president this week as a Republican. As a theoretical candidate I expect to enter the primaries and to take part in this week’s debate. It’s a reasonable expectation since the people at the bottom of the list have less than 1% of the vote and so do I. I do not expect to be invited to take part in the 5 o’clock pre-debate with the rest of the less than one percenter’s so I am going to have to make my case on this blog. Like the rest who are running for the Republican nomination I intend to put forth a series of arguments designed to draw attention to me or any of the candidates and away from Trump. If anyone wishes to steal my ideas and claim them as their own, be my guest.


Before starting you should know that my suggestions are not based on great intellect or insight but on undercover research. With the help of a Republican and a Democrat we enlisted insiders to research the opinions of most of those in their groups. In spite of the fact that I had conducted similar research in corporations it turned out to be a very difficult and expensive undertaking but the results were better than even I imagined.


My first attention-getting argument concerns the deal we just made with the mullahs in Iran. To understand why this is so foolish you must understand that the world does not think the way Americans think and to base foreign policy on that assumption is just plain stupid. When Jimmy Carter was president he told the Shah one way to get his backing was to stop paying off the mullahs. After all, the government paying ministers to control what they said would be wrong in a Southern Baptist world and he assumed it was wrong in the Mideast. Actually it was a very common practice in that part of the world. Almost all governments in the Middle East at that time had the mullahs on their payrolls. They didn’t want these very influential people preaching against them or their policies. Once the Iranian government stopped paying them many preached against the Shah and the Ayatollah Khomeini replaced his government with a theocracy. The next president to make this mistake was George Bush. He attempted to export democracy to the Middle East and if you read the papers when it was being tried, it seemed possible. During one of the elections, the uninformed media showed people raising their dyed fingers after voting, implying that they were just like Americans. In fact, if you questioned them most would probably tell you that they were not voting to support a Democratic Iraq but an Iraq in which their group the Shiites or Sunnis would do better. Most people who live in the Middle East believe that the Muslim faith and democracy are incompatible and they are probably right.


However, the biggest mistake our government has made is the latest deal we made with Iran. What most people including apparently most politicians do not realize is a very small group the most radical Muslim extremist took over the country when the Ayatollah Khomeini died. Without going into detail, I can tell you today they control most of the government of Iran and their version of Islam teaches it is their duty to bring about the end of the world. Most Americans think that’s crazy and I agree but they do believe that and their Muslim neighbors believe they are serious. The minute Iran made this deal, Isis who had achieved the reputation as the most radical group in Islam by chopping off heads, having children kill other children, burning people alive, and killing others in a variety of horrible ways said that they are working to bring about the end of the world. They realize that Iran with its ability to build atomic weapons is going to try to bring about the end of the world which will make them the J.V. of radical Islam. In their world committing mass suicide to end the world in the name of Allah is such an appealing idea that they thought they had to adopt it. Which means we have signed a suicide pact with an atomically armed nation bent on ending the world. Those who are in favor of this deal say our choice is to make the deal or to go to war. What they don’t realize is Iran is already at war with us, in fact as they signed a deal they were in the streets chanting death to America. If we allow this deal to go forward in 10 to 15 years they will have atomic weapons, the technology for long-range missiles and the life expectancy of anyone living near or in a major city in the United States will be very short. One of the apologists for this suicide pact was a Hollywood star who said they love their children the same way we do. What that fellow does not realize is loving their children means they will have them blown up so that they can get into heaven.


A second argument that Republican candidates can use to draw attention to themselves is to accuse the Democrats of conducting a war on poor children, particularly poor black children. Point out that the Democrats have controlled the larger cities with the help of black votes for over 60 years and have chosen to send the worst teachers to the poorest areas. Explain that the only way of improving their schools is to fire those teachers but that cannot be done unless we do away with tenure in poor schools. Tell them you want them to vote for Democrats but only for those who will support good schools in poor black school districts. Promise them you will show them how to organize the mothers in each school and how this will lead to better schools. In each area form a group called MOTHERS AGAINST PERMANENT POVERTY or MAPP. This will eventually improve schools in black areas and it will put the Democratic Party in a untenable position. They will have to choose between the majority of black mothers who want their children to get a good education and the teachers unions.


The argument that our research indicates works best with Hispanics is to tell them since they are relatively new to the country they have a choice. They can choose to be very successful like most Orientals, fairly successful like most whites, or unsuccessful like most blacks. Start by telling them you will send them a copy of a book or a disk of a book written by an oriental mother on how to get your children into the same school as Trump’s children. If they choose not to do this they could of course encourage their children to do well in school the way most white parents do. Finally, they can choose to become black which is what the Democratic Party wants and expects. It’s easy to do because the Democrats will offer them the money without work as they did to the Blacks right after World War II when their families were more stable than white families. You must add that most children don’t do as their parents say they do as their parents do. Warn them if they choose this last route you must expect their daughters to become pregnant, drop out of the high school and live in poverty. They also should expect their sons to quit school early and in many cases to spend their lives in and out of jail. This is a daring argument but believe it or not it works. Particularly if it’s delivered by an Hispanic.


Finally, point out that illegal immigration hurts those at the lower end of the socio-economic scale. But don’t use the word socio- economic that’s a problem with the Republicans often sound like high school or college debaters. Democrats on the other hand are very effective communicators and they can convince people to vote for them because they make emotional arguments. Emotional arguments change votes intellectual ones, seldom do. If you point out that undocumented aliens take jobs mainly from Hispanic American citizens because they work for less you’ll be believed. Almost everyone in the Hispanic community knows someone who has lost their job to an undocumented alien. You can then point out that this situation is going to become worse if you vote for Democrats because the Democratic Party sees undocumented aliens as Democratic voters and is determined to bring in millions more. Your solution to this problem must have three steps: first secure the border, second punish employers who fire American citizens and replace them with undocumented aliens, and third pay Hispanic families to return to their countries. Since it was unfair to bring Hispanics here promising jobs which the Democratic Party did and then prevent them from making a living, I would pay each family a reasonable amount to return home. I would pay for their transportation plus enough to get started on a new life. I know the reaction of many voters to this would be negative but actually it’s cheaper than spending money on healthcare, education and other government programs. This could only be done after the border was sealed.


Almost 2 years ago I stopped writing this blog because I was doing insider research on political issues for two politicians. At the time I had thousands of readers, today because I stopped writing this blog I have very few . The only way my suggestions will have any impact on this election is if after reading this blog you ask half a dozen friends to check it out. If you are willing to do that by Thursday thousands should have read this blog which will make watching the debate very interesting particularly if any of the candidates use one or more of my tactics.

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